27 May 2021 – Insurance

Why Insurance is Important in 2021

Insurance is Important


In this emerging era of Covid-19, we all know how much insurance is Important to us in 2021. Things has changed, we lost our near and dear ones. But one thing this pandemic, definitely taught us, “the Importance of life and health insurance”. Life is totally uncertain and We can’t even predict the next second. 

The health care system around the globe is working continuously to end this pandemic, but they have already said that, the vaccination of whole world will take some time.


A stats showed that the vaccination of the whole India will be done by “2024”.


So, will the financial situation of everyone get better after that ?

No, the things will not get better magically with the end of this pandemic as so many businesses  are closed and so many jobs are lost due to the digitization of businesses with this pandemic the world has got so far in terms of technology that now everything is available online.

In order to make things better after or during this pandemic we need to focus on our money and finance management.


Now the question arises :-

How we can do this ?


Right now we are in the middle of one of the history’s  biggest health crises and as we all know the funds are limited to us that’s why we should focus on Personal finance.


Let me brief you a little about  the term “Personal financing”.

Personal finance is a term that covers managing your money as well as saving and investing. It encompasses budgeting, banking, insurance, mortgages, investments, retirement planning, and tax and estate planning.


Personal financing has so many divisions to invest in because of which the question arises –

 In which Division we should invest in ?

 Right now the priority of each individual around the globe should be the “Insurance”.

But why Insurance is Important?

As we mentioned earlier we are in the middle of a pandemic and funds are limited to us and that’s why we got to support our country’s finances while taking care of ourselves too.


So the easiest and  secure way to do that is Insurance because insurance not only covers your health care expenses but it can also be used as a long term investment scheme.


As in example – LIC in India offers so many life term plans which can be opted with a very reasonable amount according to your income.


These are very secure to invest in and they provide a very good rate of return which fulfills both of the requirements of us that is health coverage and financial investment.


But how are your and my investment in LIC or any other health firm will help our country with the financial situation ?


The answer to this is very simple: if we invest in the LIC, the LIC will simply take that money and it will analyze the market and will invest that money in the right sector which will help in nation building.


Power tip –

If you have some surplus of money and you can bear some risk or loss (if happens) then you should definitely invest in the shares of private health companies as right now due to the Covid – 19 the health sector is on its boom period.


But if you have limited funds then just simply stick to the health or life insurance as these are the most easiest and secure way to invest your money on yourself and on your nation.

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Importance of Insurance

I hope, Now you aware about the Importance of Insurance. No matter whether you are financially sound or not, Health and life Insurance are become essentials in 2021.  

So, If you interested in any kind of Insurance, you can contact us and we will reach out to you and provide you unbiased opinion because we are on a mission to educate and guide people about the Insurance. You can contact us at mail@apnipolicy.com.

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