How to sell your first life insurance?

New insurance agent who just entered in the market and asks similar question “How to sell first life insurance”.

It is very difficult for a new agent or insurance advisor to sell his/her first life insurance to the client and it may be due to many reasons such as –

  • lack of confidence,
  • lack of knowledge,
  • mindset, or improper guidance.

These problems are common and faced by all new agents who entered the market.

But In this blog, you will get the answer and will able to overcome all these hurdles or problems and most probably get your first client (if you implement all the things discussed in the blog).


Principles to “sell first life insurance”


There are some principles that you can apply in your sales pitch which approaching the clients and this will increase the overall performance and chances of closing your “first deal”will be higher.

increase sales


The first step is to get in-depth knowledge about your product and company.


You should know all about your product such as –

  • things which are covered in the policy,
  • things which are not covered in the policy,
  • Different riders available, Tax benefits from the policy. 


You have to be aware of your product from top to bottom because if your client asks anything about the product you are suggesting to him/her and you are unable to answer then you will lose that client forever.


You have to know about your company with which you are incorporated with. You have to tack your company’s performance such as claim settlement ratio, market share, and other things.

It is very important to know about the reputation of your company in the market because it will build confidence and you feel more powerful when you suggest a product to your client.


Build relationship

You are here to build a long-lasting relationship with the client and sales will automatically happen. When you approach a client ask about their family and health. It will create a sense in the mind of your client that you care about them,

You have to act like a family with your client and if you can win the trust, the transaction will easily happen.


It takes time to build trust and it is a very fragile thing, you have to take this very seriously. You can’t win the trust of your client within a minute or second, It requires weeks, months, and even years. You have to keep follow up with your customers and try to add more value to their life.


When you are with a client, try to tell them the benefit of the product, not the features Because everyone is interested in “what they will get in return” and “How it will help them and add more value to their life”.


Yes, you have to disclose all the things with your client such as things covered and not covered in the product because you are here for healthy business but focus more on telling them the benefits.

for example:- When I approach a client, I will tell them the amount they will get on maturity, Tax benefits from that policy and if anything happens to him/her then how much family will get, rather than telling them the riders available in the policy or alternatives of the products.


When you discuss a plan with your customers, try to give them less option. Ask them about their requirement, whether they want high return or high-risk coverage.

If the client says that he/she wants a high return then suggest Endowment Insurance with the best three policies available in the category.


This will help the client to know better about the product without getting confused and the chances to close the sales will be higher.

And one more thing when you tell them the premium of the policy, try to break the amount as much as you can. If the yearly premium is Rs.36500 then break this amount into a day which is only Rs.100, this will psychologically impact the client.


Understand the needs

Before suggested any policy/plan. try to understand the needs of the clients. Work upon it because you are a financial advisor, not a salesman.


Suggest a plan which will give them more benefits and fulfill their requirements. Don’t try to cheat your customers to earn more because this whole business depends upon trust and understanding. If you give healthy business then you can survive in the market for the long term and earn better.


for example- If a client wants term life insurance then don’t suggest an Endowment or any other plan to earn more because any other plan will not fulfill their needs and requirement.




New agents who just entered the market feel shy to approach people and tell them about their products or policies. Don’t hesitate just call them right now, what worse can happen “they can reject you” that’s it, you have to comfortable which rejection because selling is the “game of rejection”.


Don’t expect that the customer will come first and ask about your product, you have to approach them.

There are 100’s of people you know (friends, relatives, colleagues). They are your initial clients and the chances of closing the deal are way higher because there is mutual understanding,

they know you and you know them but you have to do one thing just approach them right now.


Social media

If you are an introvert and your circle is narrow like me then you can use social media to get clients. Social media is more powerful nowadays and you can drive unlimited leads through it.


You can get organic traffic or paid traffic. LinkedIn is the best way to get organic leads and through Facebook and Google, you can run paid ads to acquire a lead.

Both ways are good in their terms but remember one thing don’t waste much time on these platforms because “you are a financial advisor, not a social media influencer”.



Your first deal will be the most difficult part of your entire carrier and this will take time, you have to face many rejections as well but this will make you tougher and stronger.

But if you really make this task more easier and achieve new height in this insurance business then we can help you. Currently we are working on an e-book which will be totally game changer for new as well as existing agents. The title of the book is “How to make million from Insurance”. and in this we have covered-

  • Getting new clients
  • Relationship building
  • Objection handling
  • Sales closing techniques
  • And Digital Marketing for Insurance.

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Sales are not for everyone because it affects mentally and a majority of people leave this game but who can survive, will become emotionally as well financial rich And my only advice for a new agent is to “Find people and build life long relationship, sales will automatically happen”.


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