03 July 2021 – Insurance

5 Ways to Sell Insurance Online

sell insurance online


In this era where everything starts shifting online and If you don’t use the internet to market yourself and your product then you are losing a large amount of audience. You should adopt the new way of doing business through which you can sell insurance online, if you really want to survive in this competitive market and generate good revenue out of your business. And in this blog we will tell you about the 5 best ways to Sell Insurance Online through digital marketing. 

But why you should choose digital marketing to sell insurance online?

Why digital marketing?

Digital marketing is now become new normal for doing business. It really helps you to reach ‘N’ number of the audience beyond Geographical  limits at a very cheaper rate and if you don’t know “how to do digital marketing” then you can hire someone or you can also contact us at mail@apnipolicy.com, we also provide this service to our clients and help them to grow, but what are the benefits of digital marketing for insurance agents? let us discuss this in brief.


#1 Unlimited leads

Every Insurance Agent out there in the market want more leads to close more sales and digital marketing enables you to generate unlimited number of quality leads for your business. The amount of leads depends upon your budget, “the more you spend, the more you will get”. All the paid media provides qualified leads, who are actually interested in your product.

#2 Highly Affordable

Another benefit of digital marketing is that you can display your product or services online at a very minimal cost. For our first campaign, we generated around 233 leads for apnipolicy.com, at a budget of only Rs.800 which means the cost per lead is approx Rs.3.5, or $ 0.05, which is a very nominal price. The price per lead totally depends upon the nature and price of your product and also the location for which you are targeting your audience. However it will always cost you less than traditional marketing.

we have also attested screenshot of our previous campaigns, you can see the results.

Digital marketing for agents


#3 Geographical Restriction

This is true that there is no geographical restriction in digital marketing and you can reach out to any person, of any district, state, or even different country. If your audience is wider as well as saturated and you can able to collect online payment from them, then digital marketing can do wonders for you and you will end up generating 10x profit for yourself.

Many companies, start providing online portal to their Insurance agents through which they can easily sell Insurance online to anyone by sitting their home.


#4 Detailed targeting

This is one of the best features available in paid media advertising platforms. You can do detailed targeting which means you can reach the same set of audiences that you want. for e.g, if you have a protein supplement as a product then you can reach out to the audience who are interested in bodybuilding and fitness.

This will optimize your budget and bring you maximum results. If want to sell insurance online through paid ads, you can reach out to the different audience for a different set of product for e.g In a child plan you target parents, In a pension plan you can target old age people who are retired or going to retire soon and for ULIP plans you can target millennial who can bear the risk and expect high returns.

#5 Automation

In Digital marketing you can automate your major tasks that mean you have put your efforts one time then the things will work automatically for you and bring you results. There are so many tools available in the market which makes this task more easier but you have to pay for their subscription but it is totally optional. You can handle the task manually and it totally depends upon you but automation helps you to save your time, efforts, and money and this is really going to one-time investment.

So, now we know about the benefits of digital marketing but “how we can implement this in our business to bring out results?”. 


How to sell Insurance from home through Digital Marketing?

Life insurance is a noble product and everyone needs life cover in this age. After Covid-19 everything has been changed, the economy has crashed but one sector rises immensely in this tough time and that is health care. Insurance comes under the category of health care products. The mindset of the people has now changed and they are more aware of their life and health, So in this situation, it is very easy to sell life insurance to anyone and you can use digital marketing for this. 

Paid Media Advertising 

It is paid way through which you can do detail targeting and generate unlimited leads for life insurance. Facebook and Google ads are the giants in advertising platforms right now and I ran my first campaign on Facebook that brings me amazing results with a 10% conversion ratio. 

I am literally saying if you have online portal then paid media allows you to sell insurance from home and you can earn beyond you wildly dreams.


Email marketing

You can also run ads on emails but if you already have leads then you can use email marketing to nurture them and convert them from cold to warm leads which will eventually let them buy your product. You can set your email marketing campaign totally on automation and there are so many software’s out there in the market that will allow you to set up your first email marketing campaign

Email Marketing Tools – Convertkit, Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, etc..,


Landing page and Survey forms

Another tool you will need in digital marketing is a landing page and survey forms. This will covert traffic into leads and then leads into customers. A landing page is something in which people land and fills out their information and that information is passed into your Email marketing software. It is very important to create a landing page for your product otherwise you are going to waste a good amount of leads which can become your lead and purchase your product in the future.

This is how an landing page looks like:-

digital marketing for insurance agents

landing page tools- Unbounce, Instapage, Hubspot, lead pages, etc..,

Survey tools- Google forms, Typeform, paper form, etc



In this age and time, you should have your own website where you can list your product and services. A website creates your online presence and authority. It builds trust in the mind of your customers and you can market better. Once you make your website, optimize it for SEO and then you can generate an unlimited number of organic leads and that’s the biggest advantage of having a website.

To set up your website online, you only need two things which are a domain and hosting server and both will cost you less than 100 bucks and if you are just starting go with Hostinger. To create a website you need WordPress and a page builder (Elementor). Our whole website is built on WordPress and if you are unable to create your own then we can also help you with that. Just email us at mail@apnipolicy.com.


Social media marketing

This is the free and easiest way through which you can drive leads for yourself. You can bring organic traffic via social media marketing. You have to be active and keep posting on every social media handle that you use. This also helps you to create your online presence but if you have some budget also go with paid media platforms because it will less time-consuming, more accurate, and brings you quick results as compared to organic traffic from social media marketing.

sell insurance from social media marketing



Insurance is the booming sector right now and this is a must for you to use digital marketing and start selling Insurance online, if you really want to go ahead of your competitors. I hope this blog is relevant to you and you learned something new from this.

I also understand that Digital marketing for agents is a bit complex because most of the insurance agents are from non-tech background  but don’t worry you can outsource this task to us and we will set up all the things ready for you, Email marketing, create a landing page, run paid media advertising and also build a website for you at very reasonable rates. We assure you that this will bring you some amazing results that you haven’t seen before.

To get this task done you can simply email us at mail@apnipolicy.com. We will complete growth hacking blueprint to dominate the Insurance Industry.

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