2 Essential Insurance policies to have in 2021

Find out which are the 2 essential insurance policies to have in 2021 so that you can secure your and your family’s future in this era of covid – 19.

 insurance for covid-19

In February 2021 the covid was declining finally in India and the fear of it was also getting out of people’s minds as the recovery rate was increasing and the vaccine was also available to us in the markets and the vaccination process was just getting started up.

And as everything was going back to normal and the economy’s cycle was getting circulated slowly and steadily people got very fearless and stopped taking the precautions to prevent the covid 19 and resulting which the covid started increasing very quickly,

this time the virus is very deadly and infectious resulting in a rapid increment in the number of cases.

And because of which the partial lockdowns have been imposed in many states and the chances of full lockdown are there. This time the lockdown will just destroy the backbone of the economy.

So if know all of this is going to happen and this will directly affect our economy then-

how we can protect ourselves from this?

There is only one solution to this problem and that is “Insurance”. As with a simple insurance, you can protect your family from the financial crises that can occur due to health-related emergencies.

2 Essential Insurance policies to have in 2021

So any insurance will work out?

No, as I mentioned earlier this is the era of covid – 19 and if you take a pension plan under the life insurance that might not be a good decision according to the recent scenarios. 

Right now the covid is causing most of the hospitalization and sudden deaths because of which the need for health and a good risk cover is very essential so that in case of hospitalization you don’t have to pay from your pocket and in case of life loss your family would not suffer due to shortage of money.


So, the 2 essential insurance policies to have in 2021 are –



Health Insurance 

Health insurance provides you coverage from the hospitalization expense by reimbursing the whole expenses and right now they are very crucial for every person as everyone is exposed to the covid and in case a person gets covid positive the hospital expenses are very high because of the very high demand of treatment and low supply of medical resources. 


So in case you get covid positive at least you will save a lot of your money essential money from getting wasted in the treatment as money is very essential at this point of time.


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Term Insurance 

Term Insurance provides you a huge risk coverage with a very low amount of premium. Right now because of the covid death rate is going up very quickly and the uncertainty of death is at its peak because of which the need for term insurance has gone up and which makes it an essential policy for everyone in 2021.


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Power Tip – 


Both health and term insurance comes with a good pricing policy of low premium but there are a few of the thing which you have to look around during the purchase like –

  • Claim settlement ratio 
  • Claim settlement time
  • After-sale service

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